Run 55: Tuesday 13 September, 2011

Compared to Sunday, today’s run was a littlie. However, after a pretty stressful few days (family staying, sorry family, BUT YOU ARE STRESSFUL) it was a welcome relief! Actually, I’m really looking forward to my 50-minute run tomorrow morning. But here is what I did today:

20 minute run

6 x 50 metres (skipping, 10 lunges and sprint)

10 minute run



21 kilometres: Run 54, Sunday 11 September, 2011

Holy molasses, I covered 21 kilometres in today’s run. And I am feeling it. This is the longest I have ever travelled by foot (I think).

This is what I did:

15 minutes slow run

5 x 100 metre strides

5 x 3 kilometre runs (with 5 minute walks in between).

I also jogged on the spot twice at water fountains.

In total, this was 21 kilometres on my dodgy watch (so probably about 20 kilometres in real life), in 2 hours and 4 minutes.

Halfway through, I got to Brighton Beach and jogged on the spot (again) to watch people surfing, albeit a little feebly. The odd sight certainly brightened my mood (the bay is usually very flat), but also made me think ‘MAN, THIS WIND IS CRAZY AND I AM STUCK RIGHT IN IT!’

I felt totally knackered after 17 kilometres with aching legs, but somehow managed to get through it all, and definitely felt a lot better at around 19 kilometres when I knew I was close to home.

Tomorrow is a rest day, thank ye.

Back to the grindstone: Runs 51, 52 & 53 (Tuesday 6, September 9, Saturday 10 September, 2011)

Tomorrow’s my long run, but I thought I would quickly put in the runs I’ve completed this week before I forget. My blister/foot injury is mostly completely healed. I’ve been using surgical skin on it called OpSite and it has been GREAT. From now on, whenever I get a blister I will pop on some OpSite!

Tuesday 6 September:

20 minute run, 10 x 100 metre hills, 20 minute run

Nothing exceptional to note here other than after the 6th ramp run, the hills became easier!

Friday 9 September:

4 x 15 minutes in progression

Here I covered 10 kilometres (using Google maps, not my Garmin – which read 11.33 kilometres. Tomorrow I am buying a new watch with GPS. The footpod alone is a MAJOR FAIL. Not sure why it keeps telling me I am running further than I am,  I must be taking  baby steps. The calibration is out, no matter how many times I recalibrate)

Saturday 10 September:

60 minutes run

Here I covered 10.4 kilometres (again using Google maps).

And also this week:

2 x personal training sessions. I did loads of chest and back exercises.

No runs: that blister that became a monster

Irritatingly, that Sunday blister grew and grew and required medical treatment. Essentially, it looked like someone had GNAWED my toe off. I’ve now had it dressed twice at the doctors, and they want me to come back a third time with the warning:


I feel glum about that. My training is really, really slipping. And it’s been the kind of week where I really needed to run to deal with a lot of angst.

I did do two weights sessions at the gym on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I don’t feel joy-filled after that. I feel sore!

Every day this week has been marred by a mad coeliac attack that won’t go away  (I have no idea what I accidentally ate), and the kids are positively WILD. Possibly because of  their lack of sleep in the afternoons, we have Naughtiness Central transmitting LIVE every afternoon. Going anywhere to get errands done has proven very difficult, with public tantrums being VERY EMBARRASSING.

To put my whinging into perspective – ie, I am lucky to be youngish, mostly fit, and mostly full of very good health – my husband’s lovely granddad has passed away after a year or so of awful illnesses. His funeral is tomorrow. 😦

So, a terrible week.

I hope next week is better.

It should be, the twins are 3 on Monday and we’re celebrating by going on a STEAM TRAIN.

Toot toot!




Double whammy: Runs 49 and 50! FIFTY! (Sunday 28 August + Monday 29 August, 2011)

True, I only did three runs last week (instead of four), but I true to my highly untrustworthy magician-like nature, I am going to try to distract everyone with that big FIFTY there.


I have officially done fifty runs since the end of April. There were some I didn’t log because I did my own thing, and there was a bit of time off here and there for winter lurgies, where I had to skip my schedule.

All things going to plan (meaning without any weeks off for health/pestilence),  I should be reaching my big 100 around week-ending 27 November. As if my 36th birthday in November wasn’t ENOUGH to look forward to, now really!

Run 49 (yesterday): Sunday 28 August, 2011

Scheduled run was 30 minutes run, 5 minutes walk, 30 minutes run, 5 minutes walk, 30 minutes run (so 100 minutes all up).

Instead, I ran 45 minutes. Stopped and attended to my BLEEDING BLISTERS. Ran 45 minutes ignoring the bleeding blister pain that eventually numbed. I had no choice, I was too far from home to do anything about it! This is one benefit of running a long way one way and then turning back. Smaller laps would have had me limping home and forgetting the whole scheme.

In 90 minutes, I covered 16.18 km. NOT BAD FOR A BLEEDING FOOT!

Run 50: Monday 29 August, 2011

Today’s run was 30 minutes plus 10 x 100 metre strides. I forgot to wear my Gaiman watch so not sure on the distance. My guess is 5.5 km (my usual distance for 30 minutes lately) + 1 km (for the strides).


Tim’s away for the next few days, so I am going to be doing weights and will hit my running again on Thursday.

BTW, I have still been attending personal training twice a week (three times last week), I just keep forgetting to write about it.


Overcoming Running Phobia: Run 48, Thursday 25 August, 2011

Ok, I can admit it …

until I successfully completed today’s run, I was suffering from RUNNING PHOBIA post City2Surf.

Happily, I can say that I ran 11.20 km in 60 minutes tonight without anything dreadful happening, and have now seemingly overcome RUNNING PHOBIA.


Well, after that horrible headache I had for 10 days or something, I decided deep in my suffering brainbox, that it was all down to the running.

Actually, it wasn’t, it was mostly sinuses and tight muscles, and the running only exacerbated this sense of wretchedness.

Yesterday I didn’t go running in the morning because of [ramble ramble lame excuse].

Perturbed that I was coming up with [ramble ramble lame excuse]s to avoid running with no good reason, I did a bit of soul searching last night (which equated to some vague semblance of meditation).

After a few minutes of trying to think about not much, my phobia was there staring me down.



There’s nowhere else to go with this really, now I’ve faced up to it and managed to run (and enjoy it for the last 30 minutes, and especially the final 15). Basically, I look forward to being on track again.

The fact I went back to my osteopath tonight for further treatment has helped, and she also said ‘the running didn’t cause that headache’. I am just going to check in with her once a month now, and develop a close relationship with a giant blue foam roller she sold me for $50 bucks.

In fact, I am off to go roll on that roller now!

I may need to give this foam roller a name.

I know!


Back on the horse again: Run 47, Monday 22 August

See how I’ve added a description there in the heading? I’ve decided to juice things up a bit with my fancy words and all!

Well, obviously I completed the City2Surf last Sunday (8 days ago) and I still haven’t written about it, but I will.

In one sentence for now: City2Surf was AMAZING (despite running on the buzz of cold and flu tablets and some hasty acupuncture to treat a migraine beforehand.)

More about that later!

Today, I ran after a week’s absence, and it loosened things up again. I just did 40 minutes, as I wanted to ease myself back. I was trying hard to focus on my breathing and keeping my shoulders LOW.

I had a tougher run scheduled, but I’ll look at that tomorrow.

So what have I been doing all this time? Hanging out in hammocks? Stocking up on cigars and pina coladas?


Blocked sinuses, Quasimodo-tense shoulders, and a headache that clamped my face, head and neck like some type of octopus-o’-pain from the murky depths. I finally managed to see an osteopath on Saturday and she massaged my shoulders and neck, and crunched my neck, back and ribs like a whipcracker. There were so many pops going on, it sounded like Chinese New Year.

My 10-day headache has mostly lifted, the sinuses are finally clear, and, like the tin says, I am glad to be back on the horse again (if that’s how you fancy describing me and my two legs).

A week off running felt like a very long time, but I am now much better for it.