Run 69: Monday 10 October, 2011

With less than 3 weeks to the half marathon, I decided I’d best get a good start to the week and was up early for my run. This week, everything is tightly scheduled!

After yesterday’s effort, I was about as mobile as the Tin Man during an oil embargo, but still did the run (albeit rather slowly and stiffly). This is what I did:

30 minutes run

6 x 100 metres (skipping, knee highs, front kicks).


Run 67: Saturday 8 October, 2011

Today’s run was: 40 minutes + 10 x 100 metre strides

In 40 minutes I covered 7.6 km, and then ran the extra kilometre in strides (bringing it up to 8.6 km).

Here’s the breakdown:

1 km: pace 5.03 km

2 km: pace 5.28 km
3 km: pace 5.12 km
4 km: pace 5.24 km
5 km: pace 5.22 km
6 km: pace: 5.22 km
7 km: pace: 5.21 km
8 km: pace 5.41 km
602 m: pace 5.19 km


Run 66: Thursday 6 October, 2011


Today I actually got up and went for an early morning run, and the birds were chirping me along! I feel most righteous.

All through winter I was an early riser, but the past 6 weeks … or possibly 8 … have had me in a funk. Too sluggish to be bothered getting up! Instead, I’ve been squeezing runs in the early evening and late afternoons on the weekends. I’m chuffed that my run is behind me already, and will try to keep it up from NOW ON! Tim and I have pledged that every morning we set the alarm for 6 am and that’s it, we both get on with the day.

This is what I did:

30 minute run +

5 x (30″ skipping + 1′ easy run + 30″ pinocchio kicks + 1′ easy run + 30″ knee highs + 1′ easy run) +

15 minute run

All up, this took 1 hour and 7 minutes.

In total, I covered 10 kilometres (considering a lot of those knee highs and skips were on the spot). Having all the drills programmed into my watch helped ENORMOUSLY – I like delegating, especially when it means someone – or something – else does the thinking for me.


I will forget a career in can-can dancing.

Run 65: Wednesday 5 October, 2011

A few things – mayhem, mostly – meant that I couldn’t do my full run tonight, so instead I ran for half an hour. So, this may count for a run this week or it may not! Depending on how my other runs go this week, I may fit this prescribed one in properly.

What I did:

30 minutes (covered five kilometres)

I also ran straight after a personal training session, so was sore and tentative!!!

Runs 59 to 64: Not slacking off!!!

Hells bells, I can’t be bothered with excuses as to why the blog’s so far behind, but I have been running! I did miss two sessions the week before last cos of illness –  but I’m back on track and staring down the half marathon in less than 4 weeks!!!! No more missed training, I hope!

Most excitingly, I have a new Garmin 610 with touchscreen. I LOVE IT! And, I’ve also upped my personal training to three times a week. This is helping with muscle aches and recovery.

Run 59:

20 minutes run + 12 x 80 metre sprints + 20 minutes run. Covered 8.5 km

Run 60:

40 minutes = 10 x 100 metre strides

Run 61:

50 minutes. Covered 9 km

Run 62:

20 minutes + 4 x (30 seconds skipping + 1 minute easy run + 30 second knee highs + 1 minute easy run + 30 seconds Pinocchio steps + 1 minute easy running + 30 seconds knee highs + 1 minute easy running) + 15 minutes run.

If you ever want to entertain a cafe-load of people, I recommend you try Pinocchio-stepping your way around an opposite park. I pretty much looked like Michael Jackson in the ‘Billy Jean’ video with this workout!!!

Run 63:

15 minutes + 7 x 1 km @ 5 minutes 20 seconds, recovery 1 minute 30.

This run was GREAT, especially with my new watch!!! I managed to do some of those kilometres @4’90”, and others 5′. The hardest part of it was the 15 minutes warming up where I felt stiff and sore. It seems I like having a pace to stick to …

Run 64:

3 x (20′ + 1 km at fast pace) recovery 3 minutes.

In all, I covered 14.66 kilometres at 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Runs 56, 57 and 58 (Thursday 15, Friday 16, and Sunday 18 September, 2011)

Wooeee, another quick wrap up of the week! I have been running without my footpod/pedometer, so no distances recorded for this week. I have Google mapped today’s run, though.

Thursday 15th:

50 minute run

Friday 16th:

3 x (15 minutes  = 5  x 200 metres – concentrating on pushing feet off the ground, recovery 30 seconds)

This was very tough on my legs!


Sunday 18th:

45 minutes = 5 x (3 minutes medium pace/ 1 minute fast pace/2 minutes slow pace)

In all, I covered  13.3 kilometres in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

And also!

I had two personal training sessions, highlight was attempting chin-ups with the assistance of a giant elastic band on my foot. It was hilarious!!!