Run 66: Thursday 6 October, 2011


Today I actually got up and went for an early morning run, and the birds were chirping me along! I feel most righteous.

All through winter I was an early riser, but the past 6 weeks … or possibly 8 … have had me in a funk. Too sluggish to be bothered getting up! Instead, I’ve been squeezing runs in the early evening and late afternoons on the weekends. I’m chuffed that my run is behind me already, and will try to keep it up from NOW ON! Tim and I have pledged that every morning we set the alarm for 6 am and that’s it, we both get on with the day.

This is what I did:

30 minute run +

5 x (30″ skipping + 1′ easy run + 30″ pinocchio kicks + 1′ easy run + 30″ knee highs + 1′ easy run) +

15 minute run

All up, this took 1 hour and 7 minutes.

In total, I covered 10 kilometres (considering a lot of those knee highs and skips were on the spot). Having all the drills programmed into my watch helped ENORMOUSLY – I like delegating, especially when it means someone – or something – else does the thinking for me.


I will forget a career in can-can dancing.


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