21 kilometres: Run 54, Sunday 11 September, 2011

Holy molasses, I covered 21 kilometres in today’s run. And I am feeling it. This is the longest I have ever travelled by foot (I think).

This is what I did:

15 minutes slow run

5 x 100 metre strides

5 x 3 kilometre runs (with 5 minute walks in between).

I also jogged on the spot twice at water fountains.

In total, this was 21 kilometres on my dodgy watch (so probably about 20 kilometres in real life), in 2 hours and 4 minutes.

Halfway through, I got to Brighton Beach and jogged on the spot (again) to watch people surfing, albeit a little feebly. The odd sight certainly brightened my mood (the bay is usually very flat), but also made me think ‘MAN, THIS WIND IS CRAZY AND I AM STUCK RIGHT IN IT!’

I felt totally knackered after 17 kilometres with aching legs, but somehow managed to get through it all, and definitely felt a lot better at around 19 kilometres when I knew I was close to home.

Tomorrow is a rest day, thank ye.


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