Back to the grindstone: Runs 51, 52 & 53 (Tuesday 6, September 9, Saturday 10 September, 2011)

Tomorrow’s my long run, but I thought I would quickly put in the runs I’ve completed this week before I forget. My blister/foot injury is mostly completely healed. I’ve been using surgical skin on it called OpSite and it has been GREAT. From now on, whenever I get a blister I will pop on some OpSite!

Tuesday 6 September:

20 minute run, 10 x 100 metre hills, 20 minute run

Nothing exceptional to note here other than after the 6th ramp run, the hills became easier!

Friday 9 September:

4 x 15 minutes in progression

Here I covered 10 kilometres (using Google maps, not my Garmin – which read 11.33 kilometres. Tomorrow I am buying a new watch with GPS. The footpod alone is a MAJOR FAIL. Not sure why it keeps telling me I am running further than I am,  I must be taking  baby steps. The calibration is out, no matter how many times I recalibrate)

Saturday 10 September:

60 minutes run

Here I covered 10.4 kilometres (again using Google maps).

And also this week:

2 x personal training sessions. I did loads of chest and back exercises.


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