No runs: that blister that became a monster

Irritatingly, that Sunday blister grew and grew and required medical treatment. Essentially, it looked like someone had GNAWED my toe off. I’ve now had it dressed twice at the doctors, and they want me to come back a third time with the warning:


I feel glum about that. My training is really, really slipping. And it’s been the kind of week where I really needed to run to deal with a lot of angst.

I did do two weights sessions at the gym on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I don’t feel joy-filled after that. I feel sore!

Every day this week has been marred by a mad coeliac attack that won’t go away  (I have no idea what I accidentally ate), and the kids are positively WILD. Possibly because of  their lack of sleep in the afternoons, we have Naughtiness Central transmitting LIVE every afternoon. Going anywhere to get errands done has proven very difficult, with public tantrums being VERY EMBARRASSING.

To put my whinging into perspective – ie, I am lucky to be youngish, mostly fit, and mostly full of very good health – my husband’s lovely granddad has passed away after a year or so of awful illnesses. His funeral is tomorrow. 😦

So, a terrible week.

I hope next week is better.

It should be, the twins are 3 on Monday and we’re celebrating by going on a STEAM TRAIN.

Toot toot!





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