Double whammy: Runs 49 and 50! FIFTY! (Sunday 28 August + Monday 29 August, 2011)

True, I only did three runs last week (instead of four), but I true to my highly untrustworthy magician-like nature, I am going to try to distract everyone with that big FIFTY there.


I have officially done fifty runs since the end of April. There were some I didn’t log because I did my own thing, and there was a bit of time off here and there for winter lurgies, where I had to skip my schedule.

All things going to plan (meaning without any weeks off for health/pestilence),  I should be reaching my big 100 around week-ending 27 November. As if my 36th birthday in November wasn’t ENOUGH to look forward to, now really!

Run 49 (yesterday): Sunday 28 August, 2011

Scheduled run was 30 minutes run, 5 minutes walk, 30 minutes run, 5 minutes walk, 30 minutes run (so 100 minutes all up).

Instead, I ran 45 minutes. Stopped and attended to my BLEEDING BLISTERS. Ran 45 minutes ignoring the bleeding blister pain that eventually numbed. I had no choice, I was too far from home to do anything about it! This is one benefit of running a long way one way and then turning back. Smaller laps would have had me limping home and forgetting the whole scheme.

In 90 minutes, I covered 16.18 km. NOT BAD FOR A BLEEDING FOOT!

Run 50: Monday 29 August, 2011

Today’s run was 30 minutes plus 10 x 100 metre strides. I forgot to wear my Gaiman watch so not sure on the distance. My guess is 5.5 km (my usual distance for 30 minutes lately) + 1 km (for the strides).


Tim’s away for the next few days, so I am going to be doing weights and will hit my running again on Thursday.

BTW, I have still been attending personal training twice a week (three times last week), I just keep forgetting to write about it.



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