Back on the horse again: Run 47, Monday 22 August

See how I’ve added a description there in the heading? I’ve decided to juice things up a bit with my fancy words and all!

Well, obviously I completed the City2Surf last Sunday (8 days ago) and I still haven’t written about it, but I will.

In one sentence for now: City2Surf was AMAZING (despite running on the buzz of cold and flu tablets and some hasty acupuncture to treat a migraine beforehand.)

More about that later!

Today, I ran after a week’s absence, and it loosened things up again. I just did 40 minutes, as I wanted to ease myself back. I was trying hard to focus on my breathing and keeping my shoulders LOW.

I had a tougher run scheduled, but I’ll look at that tomorrow.

So what have I been doing all this time? Hanging out in hammocks? Stocking up on cigars and pina coladas?


Blocked sinuses, Quasimodo-tense shoulders, and a headache that clamped my face, head and neck like some type of octopus-o’-pain from the murky depths. I finally managed to see an osteopath on Saturday and she massaged my shoulders and neck, and crunched my neck, back and ribs like a whipcracker. There were so many pops going on, it sounded like Chinese New Year.

My 10-day headache has mostly lifted, the sinuses are finally clear, and, like the tin says, I am glad to be back on the horse again (if that’s how you fancy describing me and my two legs).

A week off running felt like a very long time, but I am now much better for it.



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