Run 45: Tuesday 9 August, 2011

This morning, the prescribed run was a 40-minute trot around the block (well, a big block that pretty much defines the borders of my suburb).

I was cold and a bit slow, but basically treated the whole thing as an exercise in listening to music.

OH, whoever thought I’d be so off-the-cuff about running 40 minutes!

(But in comparison to yesterday and the runs of late, it was a relative breeze … with some wheeze.)

I covered 7.10 km in all.


3 thoughts on “Run 45: Tuesday 9 August, 2011

  1. Momo! I am delighted to find your blog which I got to from the Up and Running site, via Dietgirl. I am being trained by Julia too for a half in December and your running schedule looks scarily familiar. You are doing so well! I’m finding it a real challenge – I feel like the runs are a couple of weeks ahead of where my actual fitness is (but that could be because I had a bit of a false start in the beginning and never really caught up ….) but I’m pushing on. Anyway, great to find your blog and I’ll go out tomorrow morning with fresh inspiration. Drop me a line if you want to swap notes. N.

  2. Hi Nicole! Thanks so much for stopping by and your comment. 🙂 It’s great to know there’s someone else out there on a similar track. Ha! Where are you based? I hear you on feeling a few weeks behind. It’s a strange thing, often I look at the runs and think “NO WAY I’m not up to that” and, even after I finish it, think I must’ve somehow cheated!!! This is especially the case when I am driving along the routes I run. WHAT, I RAN THAT FAR??? Battling with constant colds and flu this winter hasn’t helped. I’ve got your email now, so yes, would be ace to compare notes.

  3. great, send me an email – i’m a bit behind you i think, just coming up to the 60 minute long run now ….. my location is somewhat complex, i’m from NZ, living in ireland, about to move to vietnam, but will run the race in cambodia!

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