Run 44: Monday 8 August, 2011

This morning as I hit the snooze button at 6, I started waging a battle with myself.

Ergh, I still feel sick! I don’t want to go.

You don’t feel that bad.

I’ll run when Tim gets home from work.

What? And be out running at 7.30, when it is really, really dark?

Maybe I can ask him to come home early …

Not again. Just GO!

And so I left the house at first light, 6.50, and got home around 8.15.

This battle isn’t unusual, but I was really railing against today’s run as I knew it was a LONG RUN, and I’m still not feeling super. But, I did it.

I made a real effort to catch glimpses of the beach today, as it did look beautiful and I did feel tight, sluggish, sore, and ROTTEN. However, I started to enjoy myself and loosen up, finally, at the last 4 km. After an hour of running!!!!

I keep thinking I’m ‘really getting into’ the end of my runs lately because I’m hitting whacky endorphins. Instead, it might just be that I am RELIEVED to know I’m almost done.

This is what I did:

15 minute warm up run

10 x (1 minute medium run, 1 minute slow run, 1 minute walk) (so 30 minutes in all)

15 minute run

4 x 1 km (recovery between each kilometre with 1 minute walk)

I changed the last bit, and just ran the full 4 kilometres home without doing any recovery walks. I had been running VERY sluggishly for the first half of the run (the walking part of the intervals made it a bit worse), so decided to cut loose (now that I seemingly had some energy) for this final bit.

In the first hour of running, I covered 9.45 kilometres (see, I said it was slow!) and then for the final 4 km, I took 22 minutes.

So, in all, 13.45 km in 1 hour 22 minutes.


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