Run 42: Tuesday 2 August, 2011

For some reason, two days of rest felt like a LONG TIME before today’s run (which admittedly was a LONG RUN). Or it could’ve been that I had a nap at lunchtime (kids have been exhausting lately) and was just groggy! Either way, it was somewhat gruelling, and the longest distance I have covered so far (though it wasn’t all running).

This is what I did:

15 minutes warm-up run

Followed by this repeated 5 times:

1 km medium speed run

2 minutes walk

30 seconds FAST running

1 km slow run.

Now, because I am a few shades shy of being a mathematical GENIUS, I miscalculated the point where I should turn back from my run (a.k.a. the HALFWAY POINT). I was too busy Run Forest Running. This meant that I finished Julia’s prescribed run of 14.80 kilometres … but was still a little over two kilometres from home!

I was pretty exhausted at 14.80 kilometres, so I walked for a kilometre, got bored of going so slowly, then jogged the last 1.2 kilometres.

In all, I covered 17.25 kilometres. It took 1 hour and 39 minutes (and I truly dawdled that walk-kilometre!!!!).


2 thoughts on “Run 42: Tuesday 2 August, 2011

    • In two seconds flat (see, I’m all about SPEED) I have looked at your blog and decided you and your boy are HILARIOUS, Sara!!!! I think I need to inject more awesome into Streak of Genius. I will start to try harder now that I know you are reading.

      Anyway, yes, I was tempted to call home, but all I had was my E.T. Extra Terrestrial index finger and no one was picking up. My iPhone is too large to carry, I need my old Nokia from 2005 which was about the size of a credit card to slip into my lycra bodysuit.

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