Run 40: Friday 29 July, 2011

Run 40, eh?!

Today seemed a bit easy in relation to the rest of the week, only because I left hills out of the equation. It’s all relative! A sliding scale!

Perhaps I should take a short cut when I get to Heartbreak Hill in the City to Surf … maybe I’ll hop on someone’s back and get a piggy-back ride … or crowd surf the lofty peak. I am sure that would make things easier, except spandex is slippery stuff and fraught with danger. I’d probably do my knee in.

I was thinking about work and some complex issues, and somehow I kept *forgetting* I was running. All I have to say about that is:


My run:

20 minutes slow run

5 x 100 metre strides

5 km medium run

The calibration on my watch was being weird. The 100 metres I marked out kept changing, so I ended up just guessing it in the end (one side of the carpark to the other). I think I need to SMASH THAT FIENDISH TIMEPIECE TO PIECES!

In all, I supposedly covered 10.39 km in 57.15 minutes.


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