Personal training: Wednesday 27 July, 2011

Tim travelling for work has made getting runs in very tricky this week. However, it will be a four-days-and-four-runs-in-a-row bonanza starting tomorrow!

This morning I was back on the beach ramps, this time at the ramp near Edward Street, Sandringham.

What a view!

I will head back on there on Saturday with Tim and the kids for some more ramp runs, and take my camera. It was gorgeous!

The view definitely helped in getting through these drills, as it was very steep, bendy, and I wanted to throw up after the fourth go.

My trainer Mel gave me some advice:

Run on your toes going uphill, take little steps, and keep your body straight.

I tend to lope up like a gorilla-woman, so this was sound advice and actually helped a lot.

She said my mantra was to be: PERSERVERENCE, COURAGE, DETERMINATION!

I just kept saying: PERSEVERE! in my head, GO! and URGH! as the rest was too hard to grapple with all that effort.

Running down the ramps, she told me:

Pull your elbows back, take bigger strides, and keep bolt straight.

I felt like I was doing some sort of silly joke manoeuvre, but it helped.

I must be a freak, as I rather liked these drills … in moderation.


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