Run 33 (and personal training): Wednesday 13 July, 2011

Today I was time poor, so was forced to be time smart.

What I did was combine my run with my personal training session, which meant I had to break up the run, which wasn’t ideal, but I still got the running time in. This is what I did:

Ran 20 minutes (from home, and up to a hill past my personal training studio)

Did 15 x 60 metre strides uphill (and ran back down that hill!)

Ran back to the personal training studio (6 minutes away from my hill!)

Did a personal training workout: weighted lunges, tricep things, something on the pulley machine, twisty push-ups, twisty lunges with a big bar


Ran 20 minutes in progression back home.

Actually, I can’t lie. I ended up getting home in 18 minutes, so my run was cut short!


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