Run 31: Sunday 10 July, 2011

Today I decided to go out running wearing a cap and some extra sunscreen. For a change I was doing a middle of the day run and thought I’d be prepared.

An umbrella, gumboots, and weather-repellent forcefield would have been better. Actually, a hasty getaway in a CAR would have been the best way of dealing with this run.

Five minutes away from home, it was positively SQUALLING, but I thought to myself “It might be like this next Sunday in Run Melbourne. I won’t be able to stop then.”

In the high wind, I felt like a mime artist pretending to run. I was glad that I loaded a new playlist of songs on my iPod for the run today, as that was one thing that made the experience more bearable. And the sea spray was strangely refreshing. I haven’t looked in the mirror yet, I am probably windburnt in great red stripes.

This is what I did:

5 x 15 minute runs with 3 minutes recovery walk in between each block of 15 minutes.

All up, that was 1 and a half hours of movement (an hour of it running), and I made 15.29 kilometres.



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