Run 30: Saturday 9 July, 2011

I bought some Skins compression running tights this morning and tried them out this afternoon on my run. At first the sensation was very, very weird wearing something so TIGHT and SHINY – my thighs felt like spandexed sausages! After about 10 minutes calf muscles were aching as though I had already been on a long hilly run! But after a while, I came to feel comfortable running in them and, hell’s bells, I think I might actually really like them.

Today’s run:

20 minutes warm up

6 x 100 metres (left and right lateral skips/knee highs/back kicks/10 half squats)

20 minutes run

I made around 9.02 kilometres in 50 minutes doing all this (stopping and starting a bit with the 6 x 100 metres). In the last 15 minutes of my run, I suddenly hit my stride and wanted to go fast. I am starting to really look forward to the Run Melbourne 10 K run next Sunday … over the past week I had been dreading it a bit.



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