Run 29: Thursday 7 July, 2011

I thought by 29 runs I would have the sports watch function SORTED, but no. When I tried to find my watch light to actually SEE my timing, I managed to switch programs and found myself in a haywire of digital confusion.

Luckily it was in the last three minutes of my run and I managed to work it all out.

I’m not sure precisely how far I covered, but I made 10 kilometres at 54 minutes and 30 seconds, which was pretty good considering there were walks and a lot of slow running in there.

Today’s run was:

5 x 10 minutes in progression:

For each 10 minutes: run 6 minutes slow, 3 minutes medium, 1 minutes fast, walk for a minute to recover.

In the midst of that, I did about another minute or so of walking/pacing when stuck at traffic lights.


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