Personal training: Monday 4 July, 2011

A weekend of me with a head cold and body aches, and a daughter with a fever meant no runs. Can I just say that I am totally OVER the whole get-every-lurgy-cos-you-are-the-parent-of-tiny-toddlers thing???

And I was really looking forward to the 1 hour and 15 minute run Julia had scheduled in for me, truly I was!

Instead I have it planned for tomorrow morning, as I feel almost better now – I will go to bed by 9.45 tonight to make sure I am well rested.

This morning, I was NOT well rested. I had been awake since 3 am with Saffron crying, and my personal training was booked in for 7. I didn’t want to cancel with yet another excuse (even if it was a real one, as they always are!!!), so I dragged myself out to the gym feeling rotten and knowing it would only get worse.

I told Jenni: “I’ve been up since 3 am!” hoping, of course, that she’d make things easy for me. She said: “Oh, you poor thing. Today you’re doing a Circuit Challenge!”

This wretched thing involved:

Rowing 100 strokes

20 push ups

40 mountain climbs

20 squat jumps

20 (or 30, can’t remember) lunge and switch legs jump things

Sprinting 200 metres

50 crunches

I did that four times, I think, then a bunch of hand weights balancing on that half-ball thing.

I did ask Jenni if she recommended any extra training for the infamous (and thus terrifying) City 2 Surf hills, and she said stairs and ramps at the beach. That is exactly what I didn’t want to hear. Ha.


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