Personal training and run 27: Friday 1 July, 2011

Training this morning was a circuit of: drills up and down stairs, kettlebell lifts, push-ups on the fit ball, crunches, lunges and high-kicks at the pad, and a thing on the pulley machine that required more coordination than I have in stock. The drills running up and down stairs were tough on my legs after yesterday’s skipping. Really tough.

To make things feel even tougher, my run this afternoon had an uphill element. I went to Domain Road, near the Botanic Gardens. I have no idea what the incline was, but it is a hill by anyone’s definition. I found it easier when I ran fast, strangely enough. I was probably running more than striding. I think I need to work on that.

This is what I did:

40 minute run

10 x 100 metre uphill strides (going up and downhill took around 12 minutes in all, with a bit of a breather in between the faster runs).


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