Personal training (yesterday) and run 26: Thursday 30 June, 2011

Yesterday I did some personal training work, the usual medley of things in different ways. This morning was a seemingly easy run (compared to Tuesday’s 14.5 km gargantuan effort), but darn it if the skipping bits didn’t HURT. Yowzeees! It’s making me realise that I really don’t lift my legs high enough when I run, and I guess therein is the benefit of the drills. I had a 100-metre skipping stretch from my local tennis courts to kindergarten, only one person commented, an older fit-looking gent (on his way to tennis) with a dog:


He boomed at me.

I replied, yes, I was doing a morning skip.

Here’s what I did today.

20 minutes run at a medium-ish pace (was a little slow and stiff)

10 x (100 metre skipping, 2 minutes slow run)

All up, it was around 50 minutes of running time, and 8.5 km.

It has been a little while since I’ve made it out in the morning (running in the evening instead), and considering I dined at a fancy restaurant last night and drank a glass of champagne (I only drink every few months), I am exceedingly pleased with myself for finding the motivation. Running in the morning really is best, it just doesn’t always seem like that when it is dark and drizzling outside.


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