Run 25: Tuesday 28 June, 2011

Holy moly.  This run totalled 80 minutes, and I made 14.5 kilometres in total. This is the longest I have run in both time and distance. Very strangely, toward the end of it, I felt pretty good and wouldn’t have minded running further. Except my ears were numb from the cold.Three hours later, my legs are aching. I have a morning run tomorrow, so hopefully they cope with it. I think it will be a slow run.

It was broken up as follows

20 minutes run

10 x (30 seconds fast, 1.30 slow)

20 minutes run

10 x (30 seconds fast, 1.30 slow)

In my final 20 minutes, the 30 seconds fast/1.30 slow thing got a bit bungled as I tried to move hair elastics over my fingers remembering where I was at. I kept running and just fluctuating the speed toward the end.

I hit 14 km at 1 hour,  17 minutes and 20 seconds. I am remembering this because the City 2 Surf in 7 short weeks is that distance.


3 thoughts on “Run 25: Tuesday 28 June, 2011

  1. Thanks, Shauny! It sure was gruelling, and I did start to lose track of the intervals, but I am most pleased with myself … especially when I drive the same route and go OH MY GOD, I RAN THAT FAR????


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