Personal training and run 22: Wednesday 22 June, 2011

At the gym, I did all upper body work using an assortment of pulleys – I really should learn the name of these exercises. Jen has suggested I come in on another day (on my own, without a trainer) to do an extra weights workout each week, bringing it up to 3 sessions. At the moment, I’m hard pressed to get everything in as it is, but, as it warms up and the daylight hours get longer, I will think about it! I may start doing just a few weight-bearing exercises at home on Fridays.

My run was 50 minutes, plus some core exercises, which felt a lot easier after the longer runs I’ve been doing. I’m writing it a day late, and now can’t remember how far I ran, but I DO REMEMBER it was just over 9 km.


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