Personal training: Wednesday 15 June, 2011

Today I had to train in the middle of the day with my kids in the studio – it wasn’t as bad as I thought! They behaved themselves and played with a box of toys my trainer had on hand, and I got to train – win win!

My exercises involved a circuit of: push ups with a twist thing where I reach for the sky (can’t remember the name of it), mountain climbs, sit ups throwing a medicine ball, glute extensions while doing a chest press with the medicine ball … and I think that was it. It felt totally gruelling, so there must have been something more, surely! My shoulders wanted to snap in the mountain climbs.

I was measured up for the first time since February. I’ve lost 2 kg (now 58 kg) and went from 33% body fat to 29% body fat, which I am pleased about. I haven’t really been on a diet as such, rather just focussing on not eating TOO MUCH, and keeping treats to 2 or 3 times a week (pizza, cake/cookie, icecream and, my Waterloo, DELICIOUS THAI CURRIES). In all, a pretty good effort. I might start to focus a little more now.

Jenni reckons a goal of 54-55 kg is what I ought to be aiming for. Looking at myself and how both the running and weight training is shaping me, I think that’s probably about right. My initial goal of 50-52 kg is probably unrealistic considering I am no longer 18 years old and made of sticks and bubblegum. Rather, I’m all about protein shakes and MUSCLE.


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