Run 16, Saturday 11 June, 2011

Today’s run was definitely one of – if not THE – hardest so far. Toward the end of it, I was ready to stop, scream ENOUGH, and start walking or collapse and writhe around on the ground, but I pushed through. Somehow. Passing motorists may have been disturbed by my freaky grimacing being caught in their headlights.

It was:

4 x 10 minute run + 3 minute walking recovery running in progression.

Essentially, with each 10 minutes I had to increase my speed, so essentially run in four gears. This was HARD. I gauged the speed by the time it took to run a kilometre.

Speed 1: 5.40 first kilometre

Speed 2: 5.05 first kilometre

Speed 3: 4.55 first kilometre

Speed 4: 4.35 first kilometre

Essentially, between my slowest speed (5.40 per km) and fastest speed (4.35 per km) I shaved 1 minute and 5 seconds off my kilometre.

I am having a hot bath tonight.


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