Personal training, Friday June 10

After a long gap, I went back personal training yesterday (writing this on Saturday). It was a series of crunches catching and throwing a medicine ball while balanced on a Swiss ball and involved far too many balls for my liking. I was also doing chest presses, fly press things with my back, and other pulley things. Jen said it would be “interesting” to see how I pulled up today, and my answer is HORRID.

My stomach, chest and ribs feel like I have a vice tightening around them, and when I laugh it HURTS. All day, I have been in a VILE AND HIDEOUS mood, inhibited by this lack of laughter. Worst still, after I completed the run I am about to blog about, I had an itchy back AND COULDN’T ITCH IT BECAUSE MY BACK AND CHEST MUSCLES HURT TOO MUCH.



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