Run 15: Thursday 9 June, 2011

Woo, after 12 days at sea, I am back with Julia’s program. I wasn’t actually at sea, rather by the sea, in Sydney for some of it overlooking the harbour.

And the rest of the time I have been unwell. This lurgy is a pretty nasty one, but now I am just left with the snotty nose, rather than aches and ailments. While I was in Sydney I did three runs, all around 50 minutes, and another was 30 minutes on a treadmill with my friend Ange at the Hilton (who was on her own treadmill! Both of us on one treadmill would have been quite the circus act.)

The best thing I did was run across the Sydney Harbour Bridge three times. I was very proud of myself as it took a lot of psyching up – including freaking out and running back from the first pylon about five times before I made it across the expanse. I am very, very afraid of heights.

The second time I went over, it was exhilarating.

Obviously, I have missed quite a chunk of Julia’s schedule, which is something I really tried to avoid. While I have tried to squeeze an assortment of ‘catch up’ schemes past Julia, these have been firmly quashed. So, listening to my coach, I’ve picked up from where I should be at as of today’s date, rather than backtrack.

I really don’t intend on getting sick again this winter, thanks, so hopefully that’s the last of missing schedules for me.

Today’s run: 50 minutes

Distance covered: 8.94 km

I actually pushed it a bit and thought “how long till I get to 10 km, considering I’m sooooo close?”

I got to 10 km bang on 56 minutes.


I think that’s the furthest I’ve ever run. In fact, I KNOW it is.

I hit a few personal bests: I made the first 5 km at 27 minutes 3o seconds is one.

Basically for the first 7 km or so, I was tracking at 5.30 per kilometre, and then dropped off a fair bit toward the end.  So there you go, I get tired the further I run — and the fact I swallowed an insect on my last 1.5 kilometres certainly did not help the matter!


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