Run 14: Saturday 28 May, 2011

Today’s run was 50 minutes. I did that and made  8.6 kilometres. I thought I felt better before the run, but only ended up feeling much worse. URGH! Aches and sore throat.

I am going to be away for the next week, so my training will be a little bit all over the place as I squeeze in runs and give myself a bit of time to properly recover from this fluey thing.

However, I’ve just registered for the 10 km race for Run Melbourne. The counter says I’ve got just 48 days to train, so once I’m back from Sydney it will be ALL ON. I’ve entered the 56 minute to 60 minute wave, that’ll put some rockets in my socks.


2 thoughts on “Run 14: Saturday 28 May, 2011

  1. dude inexplicably your new posts weren’t showing up in my google reader and i was worried you weren’t running so i stopped by the blog the old-fashioned (and unlazy) way. indeed you are running and kicking arse! well done you… bossypants Julia will be proud 😀

  2. Hey foxy! Yes, I’m still trucking, this past week or so has been pretty hopeless with travelling to Sydney and having some sort of virus, which I seem to have finally fought off.

    I’ve gone still on a few unblogged runs, and will get back with Julia’s official program and blogging it again. Tomorrow I anticipate! I got an email today advising me it’s only 10 weeks till the City to Surf, so had better get cracking if I want to complete 14 km.


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