Run 13: Monday 23 May, 2011

I was a day behind on my running schedule, so squeezed this one in to the end of my workday. I set out for a 45-minute run from Chapel and High Street Prahran, up Punt Road, Commercial Road, St Kilda Road and down to Domain interchange.

As I set off from the office, I very quickly discovered that urban environments have different perils to suburban ones. In the suburbs, I watch out for cars backing out of driveways, old people walking their dogs, children on bicycles/scooters, and errant pieces of dog poo on the footpath. In an urban setting, I had to watch out for all of this, plus vans darting around corners and legions of people smoking as they walked, making me feel HIDEOUSLY ILL. The worst place was past the Alfred Hospital where I was maximally SMOKE BOMBED.

There was a lot of jogging on the spot waiting for lights to change, and near-misses with rolled ankles on the uneven concrete. Verdict on running around my beloved old stomping ground of Prahran/South Yarra: TAKE ME  BACK TO THE VERDANT GREENS OF BONNIE BEAUMARIS, THANKS!

Today’s run:

7.94 km in 47 minutes (ran two minutes over)


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