Run 10: Thursday 19 May, 2011

Today was all about varying my speed when I run – I was only using two “gears” today, but really didn’t realize how hard this would be! When I got back, I collapsed on the sofa in a sweaty gurgling mess.

One thing I must do is get a lightweight running jacket. Although the mornings are very cold, the jackets I’ve got now are positively stifling by the end of my runs. Tying it around my waist would just be another distraction, so I grit my teeth and swelter.

What I did:

15 minute warm up run (slow – unbearably slow, actually, as the cold weather froze me up. It took 7 minutes to get to my first kilometre).

15 x (1 minute slow run, 30 second faster run)

After I finished those reps, I was still quite some way from home, so kept on with the reps till I got home.

Time: 46 minutes

Kilometres covered: 7.32


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