Run 5: Tuesday 10 May, 2011

Winter has truly set in, and it is SUPER DARK early in the morning.

First light is not appearing until 6.40. I’m a bit reluctant to get out while it’s still dark, but some days I will just have to or else I won’t be able to train.

Today was tricky as I had to finish exercising by 7 am so Tim could leave to go to the airport. I ended running for 20 minutes, varying my speeds, as that was all I could really squeeze in.

Here is what Julia prescribed for today’s run, and I’ll fit it in before my personal training tomorrow. It will work if I get out at 6.20. Maybe I need a glow-in-the-dark tracksuit.

10.00 warmup run

5.00 stretching

7 x 3.00 slow run/30 sec fast run/1.00 walking.


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