Personal training: Monday 9 May, 2011

Yesterday I woke up frazzled and got to my training session a few minutes late. This wasn’t ideal, as I wound up STAYING FRAZZLED.

I worked on upper body again, and came to the quite damning realization that while dweebs in cartoons might have a concave chest, I’ve possibly got a concave EVERYTHING north of my knee caps. (Muscle, not fat. That’s a different animation altogether.) My one concession here is that no matter what my fitness, I have always had calves made of carbon fibre or something.

With every weight I pulled, lifted or swang, there wasn’t much muscle to draw upon, no matter how much I beckoned. Now that I’m doing stuff in the weight room, I’m realizing that all my boot camp-style upper body stuff over the past year or so hasn’t amounted to all that much.

I guess I can only improve.


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