Run 4: Friday 6 May, 2011

This morning’s run was my last for the week (considering Saturday was my first running day – there is something lovely about starting afresh on a Saturday!)

I was supposed to go on the run yesterday (with my shuffled-around schedule), but a whole slew of dull and tiresome circumstances led to me putting it back a day.

Next week I won’t be allowing four days between a run, as I certainly suffered today. Honestly, it felt like I was dragging a sack of potatoes up and down Beach Road. Worst still, I was into the most rotten day of my period (the third day, always the worst) and just felt heavy, bloated, crampy and RAT SHIT.

Mentally, I struggled too.

Neurotic Negativity had come along for the ride, coasting aboard my menstrual cycle (carrying a sack of potatoes).

About 20 minutes into the run, Neurotic Negativity started yapping away:

Why are you doing this?

What’s the point? 

You’ll never be a good runner!

You look out of shape, stupid 

… and other unwelcome unpleasantries.

After a few minutes of letting Neurotic Negativity have their spiel, I thought ‘SHUT UP!’ and just kept running. So, I was victorious!

Here’s what I did:

20 minutes run

5 minutes recovery

20 minutes run

5 minutes warm down run

By the end, I enjoyed it.

I also saw my physiotherapist again, and he said my knees are in good form and gave me about a thousand new warm-up exercises to do. I tried not to laugh as he very earnestly (and kindly) showed me how to do them in his chinos and very shiny and pointy brown shoes.


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