Personal training: Wednesday 4 May, 2011

Another personal training session today, and it was an easy one (until I feel the burn tomorrow, I guess).

I was focussing on weights for back and core, and doing a bit of balance, squat and lunge work on the half ball and Swiss ball. My trainer Natalie (she was filling in for Jenni) recommended doing side and prone planks for a minute every day to build core strength for running so I stay upright (as opposed to my Quasimodo-up-the-belltower lurch by the end of every run).

Once I’ve got that bit sorted, I need to add in a medley of arm movements and foot taps, like a prone, ab-working Gene Kelly.

Speaking of Singin’ in the Rain, which nobody was, it is BUCKETING down here right now (early evening). I have a dawn run set for tomorrow, rain, hail or … rain.

This will be the first test of my steely resolve which I am determined will not become RUSTY.

Ok, enough rain puns.


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