Personal training: Monday 2 May, 2011

This morning I woke up feeling like I was EMBEDDED in my mattress, but I peeled myself off for my personal training session at 7.00. It was a little tough, but until now I have been attending group training at 6.00 (with a 5.30 am wake up). My new regime is definitely more civilized time-wise.

I showed my personal trainer Jenni the running program Julia has created (Jenni said it was fantastic), and we agreed we’ll focus on upper body and ab work, since my legs are certainly taking a kickin’.

I did 30 minutes of:

seated rows

lat pulldowns

shoulder presses

weird double-pulley things that made me look like the Incredible Hulk and/or He-Man

chest presses with a 20 kg bar

medley of dumb bell stuff (punches, hammer movements)

5 minutes of stepper warm down (going from level 20 to 1, and increasing speed with 15 second increments)

… followed by 200 crunches with a 5 kg dumbell.

I may go to bed with a shovel tonight, so I can dig myself out of that mattress.

Tomorrow is REST DAY.


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