Run 2 and Run 3: Sunday 1 May, 2011

With nothing much planned today (and a week that is jam-packed until Thursday), I decided to complete two of my week’s prescribed runs today so I wouldn’t fall behind in my training.

It was tough going, but I did it and enjoyed it for the most part. Right now (7.30pm ), I’m pretty achey and stiff. All up, I ran about 13 kilometres, which I think may well be a first in my life.

Today’s training:


30 minute run

10 x 100 metre strides

Highlight! It was a straight run, so I could just focus on the run without getting bamboozled by different speeds or reps. I was pretty stoked that I reached 5 kilometres at 29 minutes 28 seconds on the watch.


15:00 slow run

5 minutes stretching

8 x (30 secs. “medium speed” / 1:30 slow speed) 5 minutes stretching

10:00 run

Highlight! Anticipating brain fuzz, I used eight elastic hair ties on my wrist to count the eight reps of 30 second/1.30 runs. After each rep was done, I moved a hair tie to my other wrist. I don’t think I would have kept count without doing this.


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