Run 1: Saturday 30 April, 2011

This is my first official run under the coaching of Julia Jones of Up and Running!

Usually, my running style is a few mad dashes around the block. Victoriously sweaty, I consider my run FINISHED after about 3.5 kilometres. PHEW!

However, I have decided I’d like to compete in a half marathon within a year, and have asked Julia for some help in attaining this goal.

With today’s training, I had pretty much achieved my usual running distance with Julia’s prescribed 15-minute warm up … eeeee! … and I still had the rest of the training program to complete!  How much longer did I still have to slog away? 40 minutes or so?

I coped physically with the training today, but felt mentally BEWILDERED after trying to sort out the timing/distance alerts on my new Garmin sports watch. I completely lost track of my medium speed runs (was up to my third or fourth set? Urgh! I’ll do another round AGAIN). Wrangling with technology got really annoying and wasted a lot of time. It was a beeping thorn in my right wrist!

Once I sort the watch out, I am assuming my runs will go a little more smoothly. Laying on my front lawn afterwards, I told Tim “I LOVE RUNNING”.

Highlight! The 100 metre strides made me feel like a jaunty springbok bounding across a savannah. I doubt I looked like one to the football crowd I kept loping past (my designated grassy space for running these strides had a footy match. I braved a neighbouring footpath and hoped I wouldn’t get whacked in the head by a ball).

Today’s training program

15 minute warm up

5 x 100 metre strides

5 x 3.00 medium speed running (with 3.00 walking recovery interspersed x 5)

5 minute slow run


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